About Us

The WAR is in the MIND it is NOT on the Battlefield



For years I struggled with depression and anxiety until one day I had an awakening. I learned that energy could not be created, it can only transfer from one form to another. I also learned that food carries energy and I was eating very unhealthy. Once I changed the way I ate, I gained better control of my emotions and life circumstances. But I couldn't do it with out the help of lik life partner, Wali. He has also transitioned into Clean Eating and positive energy.

Wali, has over ten years experience in the health care industry and over six years in behavioral. He has so much patience and children love him.  He is big into health and fitness and very consistant about what needs to be accomplished. 

We am here to help others understand the importance of self control and discipline and with that comes self control. 

We must mentally train ourselves to heal our bodies and love our temple. We have been taught bad nutrition and it's time we take over our health and our way of thinking and living.